Monday, January 02, 2006

2006 is Here

Here we are at 2006. Time just flys when you are having fun.

This past week was really busy with Christmas and trying to keep up with work. I didn't get a chance to blog anything. I did do some trading with the Forex. I also got to play a little bit of Poker online. I even figured out how to put pictures in my blog and added links to it. I will post the blogs I like to read soon.

At last writing I was up with the Forex and then last week I nearly gave all the profit back at the end of the year showing not much profit at all for 2005. Sometimes a little impatience does hurt. I met a person online that does trading here in town. He is using the Bunny Cross system. I decided to take a further look at it and see if it might work for me. I like the simplicity of the system and will go ahead and work with it. Today I woke up and decided to start using it and then found out the FXCM is not live yet. So, I will have to wait until tonight or maybe even tomorrow before I start. I would like to see the year 2006 be a good year for trading.

I read the ebook "Bird Watching in Lion Country" and really enjoyed the book. I even emailed the Dr. and asked him a couple of questions. He responded and it is a possibility I might take him up on his mentoring. It would mean I would be using more Fundamentals in trading but then again it might not be a bad idea.

My poker is up for the end of 2005. I enjoy playing SNG's online and have done well with it. I am not ready to go up in the table price though. I am going to stay where I am at and keep learning. I watched a tournament the other night where the 1st place amount was $44,000. That was fun to watch online. It did cost $200 to get into the tournament. You still have to play with patience.

I was able to put up a picture of one of the tournaments I played in. That was fun. The picture looks great.

One other item I am going to try and blog about is my adventure in weight loss. I need to lose 100 pounds. That will take some time and if I can loose 1 0r 2 pounds per week then I will feel good about it. At this time I am at 240 pounds. If you have people that are supportive and will help you reach your goal and keep you on track that is great.

Here comes 2006.

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