Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What a Tuesday

This has been a very busy evening. I have a number of items I have been trying to work on with the internet in the evening. Sometimes I get so many extra things going I start to not do anything and then I don't get anywhere.

I ended up at -25 pips this morning. My system isn't doing well right now. I won't give up though. This evening I set up GBP/USD with a sell and will see how I do with that. It is coming back to the Tunnel. I have to give this some room and let it make its way there.

12 Daily Pro is now at $8.64 after surfing this evening. I was told that the upgrade from the 4th would be put into the account and I still don't see it. They did state that it would show up on the 24th and maybe it will be there tomorrow sometime. I put the new Xooma site on there and it has 27 hits so far. That is nice. Maybe I will start a downline with some help. Go look on the right side and the links I have posted.

I am trying to get the new website up and running for an organization I belong with and am having some issues with the past people taking care of the site and that is some of the issues for tonight. I wish it was easier.

I have a friend that decided to loose some weight this month after being told his face looks round. He decided to go on the subway diet of one 6 inch sandwich at noon and a 6 inch sandwich at dinner time. So far he has lost 12 pounds. Beats my 2 pounds. Maybe I should start that diet or at least eating the sandwiches. That just seems boring to me.

No poker tonight. Just busy and I like to have my mind clear when I start on a poker game.

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