Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hump Day

Here it is a Wednesday already. Need to catch up on the blog here.

The 12 Daily Pro is going well. I keep surfing the 12 sites every day and the amount keeps going up by .72 cents per day per $6 I have in the account. I did receive payment and it was placed in the stormpay account. I am very pleased and will keep at it.

The Forex trading is about breakeven for the week. On Monday I was in AUD/CAD and went -45 pips. I then turned it around and then with EUR/USD I was +20 pips and USD/CHF I was +20 pips. At this time I am in EUR/USD. I have 2 other currencies set up and ready to go when and if it reaches the entry position.

Poker was a bomb tonight. I placed 8th, then 7th and then I tried a third game and came in 9th. The AK did not make the all-in and my third try was gone. At that point I decided to stop playing for the night.

I am headed to the other side of the mountain on Friday. We have been having a lot of snow up in the mountains and that will be good for the summer months. That also helps the farmers.

Went to the doctor today and my A1C was a 6.0. This is up from a 5.7 but he was pleased. I am going to start taking shots for my diabetes. This is not Insulin. I will be taking a shot before I eat breakfast and dinner and this will help the blood sugar stay normal as well as helping my appetite so I will start to loose some weight. The way I am doing it now is not good. I am skipping breakfast and really skimping on eating during the day and then at night I eat. Sort of makes up for the day of trying to be good.

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Kris said...

Whats A1C? And who gives you the shots?