Thursday, February 16, 2006

Come on Weekend

We are getting closer to the weekend and it feels good. It is going to be cold here. I understand it is supposed to get down to 8 degrees over here for tonight and through the weekend. Wow, that will be cold. I just have to keep in my mind that spring is right around the corner.

We took my parents out tonight for their anniversary. They have been together 55 years this year. This is a great accomplishment. I rented the truck tonight and will be ready to move them to their new place on the weekend of the 25th. I went ahead and rented an auto carrier as well. I don't want my parents driving that distance in their car so this will be easier. We can use the car for stuff as well.

Starting this next week I should be in the Currencies for some long term trades. I will need to be careful because of the fundamental announcements but I think this will be better trading. I have also purchased a book on Commodity trading as well. Will see about getting involved with it as well. I was thinking about going back into stocks but I don't like the fact of the market being available only from the hours of 5:30 to 1:00 every day. I really like the fact the currencies are moving all the time.

I am doing well with Byetta shots as you already know. I did forget my shot this evening when I went to the restaurant. I had it all prepared and everything. Just forgot it. Oh well, it states that if I miss the shot I am not to take it after the meal is eaten. Wait for the next time it is to be taken. At least I know I won't be nauseated tonight.

Since I am now officially on call for the rest of the weekend I am unable to play any poker. Thats alright since this last week was not so kind. I know I need to play more to play better.

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