Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Where does it go

Where does the week go. It just shoots by so fast you can't keep up with it. We have been out most evenings late and then getting home just doesn't leave time for anything but going to bed and then getting up and going to work. On Sunday we bought a new 32 inch TV. We really didn't need it but I did it anyway. This should last us for quite awhile. This one is an HDTV. I am still trying to set the colors the way I like them and get used to the sound as stereo. I have also been trying to get ready to work on a Web site for an organization I belong to and that is taking up some time as well.

The Byetta shots are going well. It is taking time to get used to giving myself the shot in the morning and in the evening. Not eating until I have the shot is going alright. I have been nauseated and that will take some time to get used to. I am hoping it will settle down and go away. My appetite is not as strong or the desire to eat as much is going away. The Blood Sugar numbers have been lower. I am trying to drink as much water as possible. I did get another packet of X20 the other day so I have enough now to last all month. I also have 2 people underneath me now and lets hope it starts to take off so the residual money can start to come in.

I went to a Stock Trading seminar this afternoon. I took the afternoon off from work and went to the class. It was interesting to listen to the person talk about the stock market and making money with it. I agree with everything he said but I like the Foreign Currency and the ability to trade 24 hours per day. I don't trade for 24 hours but the market moving all day is a good thing. At least I can get in and get back out with pips earned. I want to try to use the daily charts and stay in longer.

I have not played any poker since the weekend. If I am going to play online I will need to put more $$ in the account. I didn't do very well and the account is down to not much. I am on call this weekend so the poker time will be non existant. The following week I am moving my parents to the other side of the mountains so probably will not play again for awhile.

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