Saturday, February 11, 2006

The day after

Our Grandson is here for the day while his dad is in a class for his job. He is 2 1/2 now and is full of energy. Will see if us grandparents can keep up.

My byetta shots have done well so far. I was very nauseated Wednesday night and I am hoping that is just a stage and will clear up and not happen again. Now this morning after taking the shot I am feeling a little nauseated again. I ate my breakfast this morning as well. Maybe its just the weekend and I am not going to work and I am a little more relaxed. I still like it and they way it makes me feel better during the day. I have a little bit more energy and seem to do better. My Blood Sugars have been in the 80's and 90's most of the time. I don't mind giving myself the shot as well. I am getting used to it.

The big event for me happened Friday evening when a group of us went to the casino and played in a live poker tournament. This was a $40 buy in. I must admit, being the first casino tournament, I was a little bit intimadated with the people there. I went in and paid my $40 and then waited for the tournament to start. At about 6:10 they came out to the casino area and announced that the tournament was starting and you could pick up your seat placement. I was at Table 12 seat number 10. Fortunately I was sitting next to a friend I now and he is a seasoned live tournament player. I picked up a paper at the start to make sure I new the rules and how much the chips were. Fortunately the button ended up at the number 1 seat so I had a bit to watch the table and how people were playing. I had decided to play very tight and not be the first one to go out. There were 3 tables playing with about 33 people playing in this tournament. The hands I remember playing were the pocket 10's and ended up throwing them away. I even won a couple of hands I played so that in itself was exciting. I started getting used to the table and by watching players play I started to figure out what there style was going to be. I made it into the next round of blinds and maybe I felt I could play with these guys and maybe push a little bit. My one mistake, and it was costly. A good friend was in seat number 2 and I was dealt AKo. Now I figure that is a good hand to start with. My first bet was a raise to $500. I was called by my friend. Ok, I will just lead him on and see what the flop gives me. The flop comes up A96 and I was feeling good about my hand. At that point I didn't want to go any further with this hand and so I went all-in. I was surprised I was called. I would have been happy with the money out there and would have increased my chip count. I turned over my AK and he turned over A9. The turn was a 2 and the River was a Q. I was out of my first tournament. 30 minutes is all it took. I was not the first person out of the tournament and that was a good thing. I am anxious to get into another tournament and try it again. I feel that was a good learning experience and I will do better next time. I will not be hasty next time to push all-in. I did have a lot of fun and the wifes of all of us were waiting for each of us and we all had dinner at the casino. One of the guys did get in the money and that is a good thing.

I looked at our account this morning and the Tax money has arrived. That helps a little bit. This will help get my parents get moved at the end of the month.

My weigh in for Saturday is 237. My first week on Byetta and I can feel the decrease in appetite. I am not as hungry as I used to be or wanting to eat as much. Now add exercise to this and I should loose some weight. Could it happen?

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