Monday, August 27, 2012

Poker Friday

On Friday I was able to play the customer appreciation tournament. The tournament was a $10 buy in for a chance at the $500 prize pool. If you have played during the week you are able to get in for $5. The last few weeks I have been able to get to the final table and cash and I would like to do it again. In a tournament you can expect to put your tournament life on the line a couple of times. You need to find the best spot and then you need to have some luck that the cards are good. Of course skill in playing the proper cards does help. My tournament life happened to be pocket jacks and I went ahead and went all in to get everyone out of the pot. I did get a caller and I got a J on the flop. I ended up getting another one on the river for quad J’s to survive my first all in and continue in the tournament. When I reached the final table I ended up going all in again and survived. My chip stack was growing nicely and was putting myself in position for another good run. When the final table reached five players someone made a proposal to chop the prize pool five ways and that everyone would receive $100 for their efforts. The proposal was accepted and everyone was happy. This has turned out to be a good week for me playing poker. Now I get to start my work week. Have a fun day……

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