Monday, August 06, 2012

Weight Loss #2

Since Type 2 Diabetes is a big part of my life, nutrition is very important to me. I will say that I don’t always follow what I plan for eating. At least I mean well. I enjoy food but that is part of what has gotten me to this point. I must set some goals and those goals must be achievable. So this is what I am thinking: • ONE: Lose Weight. I am tired of being tired and, as my doctor has listed in my medical record, obese. • TWO: Gain Strength. I am not so much interested in building muscle as I am in building stamina. • THREE: Decrease use of Insulin. I use an insulin pump that is attached to me 24/7. I want to decrease my dependence on insulin to the point that I am either using two injections a day or even taking oral medication. • FOUR: Decreasing use of other medications. Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of the pills that mask whatever the problems are and just live naturally. • FIVE: Permanently change my lifestyle. To automatically make good food choices and maintain regular activity would lead to my feeling better about myself. These are achievable goals and I will be working with each one as I continue this journey. My first night in the Foundation class went as I expected. I couldn’t have written a better script. Now that I look back at it I have to smile. As I said in the first blog, the exercises are in stations and you do each one thirty seconds thirty seconds rest between activities. After all six stations are complete, you get one minute to rest and then you start again. This happens three times. I looked at this for the first time and figured “no problem” I should be able to finish this. I started the first rotation and by the fourth station I was exhausted. I couldn’t catch my breath. I was leaning down trying to get some air. I wanted to quit right then and there and not come back. Then I thought “I don’t have an option and I must continue.” I finished the first round and I was headed for water and just wanted to lie on the floor. The trainer had other ideas, knowing that stopping was not the best choice, but I just needed some time. Overall my body was hurting, my lungs needed air and I wanted to drink water and I did not want to throw up on the exercise mat. I elected to sit by the sidelines and watch the group work through the second rotation. My mind was starting to say “It is easier to give up.” I needed to push through this and get the first workout done. When it became time to do the third round I got back out to the floor and completed the stations. So, for the first class of Foundations I was able to do the first and the third rotation and I felt like it was an accomplishment for me. That was more exercise than I had done in a very long time. It wasn’t easy but I felt I accomplished something big. The group there that night really supported me and assured me that “it will get better.” I was doubtful. I was so exhausted and happy to be done and head home. I did have to remind myself that it took a long time to get to where I am today and I would take little steps to get back to something reasonable. I will not give up. My journey is a lifetime and I want to be as healthy as I can be. Yes, I will have struggles and I know that food will be a big part of that. I need to make time to work out on a daily basis. Eat food that is better for me and that will help me achieve my goals.


Courtney at RRI said...

Hey there from a Type 2 Diabetic who's on no medication and no longer tests as one (A1c was last at 6.1%)--so you can at the very least kick the insulin pump with effort and I'm happy to cheer you on. :)

However, I'm concerned by your mentioning that your mind was starting to say "it's easier to give up." This sort of negative thought belies one of our underlying needs in life: comfort and certainty. These can seriously hinder weight loss in a variety of ways, from stress/emotional eating to seeking variety from food to using food as a form of self-punishment. Take a look at the video in my link; it does a great job explaining each of our different human needs and how we can break out of the bad patterns we get caught in to achieve permanent weight loss.

Best of luck, Steve! I'm confident you can do this.

Steve said...

Thank you for your support. I continue to struggle but as you will see in the blogs I am still at it and I should be updating my weight loss soon. Again Thanks. I enjoy hearing from people reading the blog.