Sunday, September 02, 2012

Weight Loss Journey

I am going to put a few weeks together here and see if I can get caught up with my weight loss journey. At this time I am in the middle of July and I am moving from the Foundations class at Club24 to the Revolutions class. I was a little nervous about moving up to the more intense workouts. When I started with Club24 my weight was 243 pounds. At the end of July I am now at 234 pounds. I have lost 9 pounds in two months. I need to look at this as a positive and loosing slowly is probably better than loosing weight in a hurry. The schedule I have been on I have been spending Monday, Wednesday and Friday doing the treadmill for 30 minutes and then I would work on the recumbent bike for 30 minutes. On Tuesday and Thursday I would work out with the Revolutions class. This is five hours per week at Club24. My doctor told me that if I wasn’t sweating I wasn’t working out. I am really sweating through my workouts and I do feel better. I can tell I am loosing inches around my waist. I am now moving my belt in another notch. My main concern at this time is my blood sugars. Since I wear the pump I knew there would come a time I would need to make some changes. I visit my doctor again in September and I want this to be a surprise for him. My blood sugars are getting lower now to the point I really need to back off of the insulin. This works into my nutrition status. The director at Club24 asked me to visit the Diabetic Learning Center to make sure I was doing everything I needed to do and be sure I was eating correctly. The foods I am eating are questionable but I am changing my portion sizes and not eating in between meals. Most of the time I am not hungry. My motivation is still very high and I have had some days where I would tell myself I just don’t want to continue. Then when I get to club24 I start working out and I start to feel better and I am glad I am continuing on. During this time I did play at Wildhorse Casino in a tournament and I ended up having some blood sugar issues. I am sure it had to do with my nutrition. I will need to figure out some ways to eat better when I travel and play poker for periods of time. I contacted the DLC for some time with a counselor about nutrition. I think we can get this taken care of soon. I am hoping August will be a big month for me in this weight loss journey and my time with Club24.

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