Saturday, September 29, 2012


I am having a hard time right now accepting what happened to myself and all the casino employees. We had heard rumors for a long time but after some time goes by you just figure it isn’t going to happen. I always said I would ride this horse till the horse was gone. Now that it has happened I am still not ready for this. I have been trying to keep myself busy this week by playing tournaments but will eventually need to do something else with my time. One door closes and another opens and I need to keep an open mind at what will come next. I have been playing at Joker’s Casino and will probably continue with them playing live and some tournaments. I played a couple of days at the Crazy Moose Casino and I doubt I will be going back. I even played at the Lucky Bridge Casino and I definitely will not be going back to that Casino. I will be spending time at Club 24 earlier in the day and that is about the only plans I have at this moment. The dealers all got together last night and we had a potluck type dinner and we spent time talking with each other. Finding out what each person is going to do and just overall catching up with each other. We laughed and played a tournament into the evening. Everyone will be missed. I talked to one of the dealers and I explained to him I was having a hard time with this and he said he understood. I told him that when I left my job with the Hospital I didn’t feel like this. He said that the reason for these feelings is because this time it was a job you loved doing. I really did enjoy myself and every morning I would get up and go into the casino early because I wanted to not because I had to. I hope I can find another job like this one. It wasn’t the money it was the people that I was around that made my job enjoyable. Have a fun day…..

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