Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What to do?

Today has been a rough one for me. I didn’t sleep very well last night. I got up this morning and was unsure of what to do with my day. I got a call from the poker manager and we go and pick up another dealer and head off to the casino to see if we can pick up the remainder of our stuff that was left behind yesterday. Walking into the casino was different. All of the tables were gone as the owner was cleaning out everything. Not much was left and it became so real to me that it was over. The question remains is he going to open up in another location? I personally don’t see it happening. It looks as if my time working in a casino is over and I will need to accept this and move on to trying to get another job. I did file for unemployment today and will see if I will be accepted and what I will need to do. The big question now is what am I going to do? Where will I end up? I was able to work for a year and it felt good to do something and feel like I was being productive. I did not go to the gym today. I just didn’t feel motivated to go and work out. I probably should have and maybe get rid of some energy. I did go and play some poker at Joker’s Casino in town here. When I got there I found one of the dealers I had worked with waiting for a game to begin. I joined him and after some time went by we had two more Island employees join us. We ended up having fun playing together again. Maybe we can get a few more of the regulars over to start a game at Jokers. We played $2-$4 limit for a little while. I will need to adjust my game to the new limit. Playing $2-$6 and $2-$10 is just a little bit different. We then played in their tournament with 21 players. I ended up in 5th place and bubbled the cash. I already miss the Island players. Tonight I am going to get some sleep and then tomorrow it is a new day. I will play in a tournament at Crazy Moose Casino and then I will need to get to the gym and get my butt in gear.

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