Thursday, September 20, 2012

Weight Loss Journey

I am now caught up with the weight loss journey. A lot has taken place this week. My workout schedule is now 7.5 miles with a resistance of 8 on the recumbent bike and 2.5 miles on the treadmill with an incline of 1 and at 3.3-3.5 mph. This is taking me about an hour and a half to complete. I was not sure if I would be doing revolutions again because of my schedule. On Sunday while I was there I saw a sign about a 4:30pm class being offered. This very much fits my schedule and on Monday I told them I was interested. My plan is to do revolutions on Tuesday and the semi-private class on Wednesday at 5pm. On the other days I will continue my bike and treadmill workout. I had my visit with my physician and he was surprised and very happy with my progress. My A1c was at 6.6 and he said definitely we can change the insulin pump delivery. We made some changes and I will be in contact with his office on a weekly basis to see if we need to make more changes. My nutrition is still going well. I am drinking a shake in the morning and one at noon. Making sure the calories and my carbs are being met. If I need additional carbs or calories I have a snack bar that I can eat. I will eat one meal a day and that will be the evening meal. I will try to keep that simple and easy and still within my nutritional needs. Right now my motivation is pretty high. After the visit with the physician and the director of Club 24 I am ready to keep the weight loss push going. The revolutions class was very hard for me. We did six different exercises one minute each and then a one minute rest. This was done five times. It felt good to get done and know we accomplished our goal for the day. On Wednesday I had the semi-private training session and the trainer helped me make sure I did my exercises correctly with good form. It was nice to have someone there watching me and make sure I was doing them correctly. I felt like I had another strong workout and felt very good afterwards. This next week I may have a bump in the road as I am still on Jury Duty and will need to call in on Friday to see if I need to report this next week. Have a good week and make your workouts fun…..

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