Monday, September 03, 2012

Poker Friday

Ready to play some more poker I went to the casino and signed up for the 1pm tournament. I was catching good cards and winning some pots. I made it to the final table and ended up cashing for $60. It was a good start for the day. Now I am waiting for the 3pm tournament which is a $500 prize pool. In this tournament there are re-buys for the first four rounds. I just need to be patient and wait till the re-buy period is over to start collecting chips. I try not to be very active in the early rounds unless I am catching some good playable cards. I was able to make it to the last two tables and was doing well until this following hand. I looked at my hand and I have KK. The player before me went all in for about T$1600 and I had a large stack so I went all in to isolate him. I ended up getting two more all-ins after me. They turned over Ax, A10, and AJ. I was surprised at the all-ins after me and now we get to see a flop. The flop came 534 and that was not a very good flop for me. The turn brought an x. I told the dealer that she better not bring a 2, and sure enough on the river came the 2. What a bad beat for me as I would have really been ready to go to the final table. After thinking about the hand I wouldn’t have played it any differently. The outcome just didn’t go my way. Have a fun day…..

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