Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let's be Happy

I have gotten myself into one of those lows playing live poker. It has mostly been the $2-$6 spread game. I need to stay away from the game and just play the $2-$10 right now. I had to take my dad to get some blood work done the other day. The office opened up at 8am and we got there at 8:05 and the room was filled with people waiting for their blood draws. There was a bench outside in the hallway and that is where we sat and waited. During the time I was out there, one of the therapists from the clinic down the hall, walked by and she recognized me and asked if I was Steve? I answered in the positive and she went on to tell me I looked really good and that I looked like I was happy. Getting away from a very stressful job has been good to me. I am working on my weight and playing and working in the casino and that has been fun and good for me. There are always other stresses that come up but nothing like working with a company that doesn’t care for their employees. They seem to always enjoy putting you down and they are ready to kick your butt out the door on a whim. Anyway, it was nice to talk with her for a few minutes. We had a person get very upset today with a floor call I had to make. He ended up making a threat even though I don’t think he meant it to be that way. He did say it and that is not good. He was led out of the casino and I hope not to see him again. Some people take the game so seriously that they don’t think before they speak. I always hope the calls I make as a floor person are the correct calls. Sometimes it is just easier to deal the game and not put up with the other stuff. I guess that is what makes the job interesting. You have to remember it is just a game and especially when you are paying $2 to buy in for a $100 prize pool. Get a grip. Have a fun day…….

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