Friday, September 07, 2012

Weight Loss Journey

I am now into August on my weight loss journey with Club24. I am very happy that I made this decision to work out here. I enjoy the people and I don’t feel like I am lost in a sea of humanity. I am a person and not just a number. My beginning weight for the month is 234 pounds. I am looking forward to be in the 220’s and that will be my September goal for sure. My motivation is still very high as I watch the show “Extreme Makeover.” They are working for a year to lose weight and I can do the same. I have to remember this is a journey. I am now moving my belt down a notch and that makes me feel better as that means inches are coming off. My co-workers are noticing a change as well. I had my meeting with the Diabetic Learning Center and the counselor has given me some ideas on what I can eat. She also gave me ideas about meal replacement shakes that will work with my diabetes. This means I can drink something in between dealing poker during the day. I can then have a snack before working out in the afternoon. The revolutions class is going well with one exception. I am having issues with my lower back in some of the exercises. The trainer and I talked about it and he has me doing some modified exercises during the routine. It is nice to have someone watching and willing to help when things aren’t going well and you can make changes to the program right away for yourself. I also noticed on the show “Extreme Makeover” they talked about the hours that need to be put in to achieve the weight goals. I decided to try and work out seven hours per week instead of the five hours I am doing now. I added a Saturday and Sunday session. I also tried working out for an hour before revolutions and then the hour of revolutions. I am not sure I can keep that schedule going. I keep trying changes to my schedule to get the best times and the amount of hours I need to keep the weight loss going. I have also added to my morning routine taking my blood pressure and heart rate and writing them into my journal. Yes, I am keeping a journal of my meals, heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugars and the exercises I have done for the day as well as my thoughts on how I am feeling and how my day is going. If I need information about a certain day it makes it easier to find it by going to the journal. I have been at this since May and I do feel better. I feel better about myself as well. Club24 is going to get me where I want to be.

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Andy Hough said...

Good luck with the weight loss. I haven't done too well with losing weight, but I'm going to make losing weight a priority again.

I love poker and played it all the time when I lived in Vegas. I can't afford to play it too often now, but once I'm in a better financial position I'll play more often. I'm not a winning player yet, but I'm good enough that it is a pretty cheap hobby.