Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weight Loss Journey

After one day off and not being able to work out I went into the club and started riding the recumbent bike and treadmill. I find it a struggle and start to wonder if having that time off really is worth it. It was just one day. I have to think back and Tuesday was Revolutions and Wednesday was the semi-private class. On both days I warmed up by walking on the treadmill. Saturday I get up and weighed myself and I am surprised that I am up in weight. I tend to go in a three pound window, and then lose one pound, and then I am back into that window of three pounds. I wish it was easier. Maybe if I just gave up eating all together it would go faster. I know that won’t work. Keep with the program. Today is going to be a big day at the Casino and I will see if I can get to Club 24 before the end of the day. I ended up being done at 3pm at the casino so headed over to start my workout. Spending the time allows me to think about the day and what has taken place. I am starting to enjoy the time working out thinking about things that have come up during the day. I start out on the treadmill and by the time I have walked 2.5 miles it has been 45 minutes. I get off and then go right over to the recumbent bike to ride the 7.5 miles. It will take me about 35 minutes to get this done. I will sometimes get to thinking about being tired of working out and then will have to work on my mental attitude and I think about my goals and even my little goals of watching the calories. I have to remember this is a long term plan to get this weight off. The evening time was taken up by going to a program and hearing the story from the person who rode his bike across America. It was interesting and this person is the one that gave me inspiration to do what I am doing today. Now it is time to get ready for tomorrow and another workout is coming up.

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