Saturday, September 22, 2012

Poker Play

On Thursday we had the poker league and I really needed to play well and gain some ground on the other players before they are out of reach. I started out well and was collecting chips. In fact I was chip leader for awhile. We play for six rounds at fifteen minutes each and at the end we count up the chips to see who is in each place and then we give points to each spot. We have eleven players and today I got eight points. I will need to have some good outings to catch the leader in the next three sessions. In the last twenty minutes of the game I went card dead and I tried to keep things going and I ended up losing all my chips and went out in 4th place. That is the eight points for the week. I played some live tonight and did not do well. The evening tournament went the same way. I played K2 and the flop comes AKK. I go all in and was called by a person with K8. The eight played and I was out of the tournament. Not a good day overall for playing cards. Now I begin my work week and will not play much until this next Wednesday when the deepstack tournament takes place again. Have a fun day….

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