Saturday, September 15, 2012

Live Play

Thursday night is the one night I can play four to six hours of live play. It works into my schedule and I have done well that night. Our poker manager has moved a tournament, and if you play two hours of live before the event you are in the tournament. The live play actually started at 4PM and I sat down to get some playing time in. We actually had this live game go for three hours and we ended up with two tables. One was a $2-$6 Spread game and ours was a $2-$10 Spread Kill game. It was interesting and fun playing the three hours. I ended the session up $80 and was able to go home early. I was getting some good cards throughout this session. On Friday I didn’t play any cards as I had to take my dad to the doctors and get some other stuff done before I started my work week on Saturday. It seems like I just get done on Wednesday dealing and then the weekend comes real fast and I am off at it again. I am working on my weight loss and making sure I am getting my time in as well. Let’s hope for a good week on the Island and in paradise. Have a fun day…..

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