Monday, September 24, 2012


I arrived at work today and started preparing the room for the poker players. Everything was normal and the routine of preparations was going well. We did not have a lot of players start out with us today but we did get a live game going before the tournament. Since we didn’t need all the dealers I was able to play in the tournament today. Little did I know that this would be our last tournament. Once we were done we started up the live game again. We were waiting for the 1pm tournament to get started and at 12:45 it happened. It didn’t take long once he walked into the building. In a matter of fifteen minutes the casino was closed. All the players were ushered out and the doors were locked. We helped move the chips to the cage and my time with Islands Casino was over. Will they open somewhere else or will they be gone for good? No one knows for sure. I really appreciate the poker manager giving me the opportunity to deal poker and learn something new. I gave up on myself twice when I started a year ago and he wouldn’t let me quit. He saw something I didn’t see in myself and that was the willingness to learn and to keep at it and not quit. I also gained a new family of friends and wish everyone good luck in whatever happens. For me I will now turn my energies toward my weight loss goals and finding a new place to play poker. I will miss everyone and that includes our players who played with us every day. Thanks for all the memories.

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