Saturday, January 22, 2005

Las Vegas Night

I was ready for my first night of gambling. I first walked the casino floor to see where the machines and tables were located and get the feel of the place. I decided to start the evening off with Video Poker. Having done quite a bit of reading on strategy I wanted to try it out. I found a set of machines that looked like they met the criteria I was looking for. I started out by putting $50 into the machine. About 30 minutes later I hit a 4 of a kind. Four K's with an Ace. I cashed out for $96.25. Not bad for 30 minutes. I then went looking for a blackjack table. I did find one and the seat was in the 7th position. I gave the dealer $105 to start my evening. I will always start with a certain amount and when it is gone I will not keep going. I will walk away from a table if I am not doing well or if I have lost what I started with. I was not doing well at this table. My strategy was fine it was the hands I was being dealt and what the dealer was getting. I would get 18 and the dealer would get 19. I would get 20 and the dealer would get 21. The table was starting to remark about how unlucky I was. I finally played down to my next to last chip. I was given an Ace to start the hand. My second card was an Ace as well. I split the hand with my last chip. The next card was another Ace. I then pulled out the wallet and gave the dealer $20 to play another card. The next card was another Ace. I now had 4 aces out on the board. Each of the Aces now get one card. I recieve a 4, 2, 3 and my next card was a face card. The dealer drew 21. I loose on three and push on the last one. I now play a few more hands with the chips I have left and then with my last chip I get an Ace. The next card is another Ace. I pull out the wallet again and give the dealer another $20 to play the split. I get a 3, and a face card this time. The dealer draws a 21 again. At that point my luck turned around. I was able to build my stack up to $100 and I decided to call it quits for the night. I had played about 2 hours. Total for the night was +$1

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