Saturday, January 22, 2005

Friday Night Poker

I got back to playing Poker last night with the group. I haven't played since Christmas since we have been so busy with other things. There were 8 of us playing tonight. We play No Limit Hold em. Price to get in is usually $10. I was the first one to go out tonight. I thought my decisions were good. I tried to play tight. I did not play very many hands and when I did I figured I had the best hand. I had one brain fart though. I gave away a lot of my chips on one hand with a K8o. Dumb hand. I had a K show up in the flop and I thought it was the best. Wrong. The hand I was taken out on was a Full House. I had a Full House as well just not as good.
Football is on most everyones minds. On the West Coast the teams did not do very well this year. I am a Rams fan so my year is done. I have no favorites with the rest of the teams. My picks for tomorrow will be the Philadelphia Eagles over the Atlanta Falcons. I was very impressed with Atlanta last week against the Rams. That was the first time I had seen Atlanta play. They had quite a bit of speed. It will give the Eagles something to think about. I still like the Eagles.
I will also pick Pittsburgh Steelers over the New England Patriots. New England is good, real good. Depending on how the quarterback plays we will see what happens for the Steelers.

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