Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting Colder

I have been so busy just trying to keep up with all of the things pushing for my time. Guess what took a back seat for awhile? Ok, you guessed it. I haven't written anything on this blog but I have thought about it the last few days.

With my Mom having Cancer and Alzheimers it has kept me fairly busy. I make the trip over to the home where they are at and I try to spend some time so Dad can go for a walk or go down to the cafeteria for his lunch. This allows him some away time from watching Mom. It looks like the Cancer is going into remission but of course there is no guarantee. We are still waiting for some test results from the bone scan she had the other day. Will continue with the plan of making sure she is taken care of and Dad gets some needed rest. C will now be helping me with some time at parents since her job is now allowing her some time off for family. This will help.

I started the H&R Block tax class in September and was doing well. All I needed to do was maintain greater than 80% in testing and I would have a job with them. Looking good at 99%. Then the hammer fell. I ended up with Gout in my left knee that set me down in bed for almost a week. By the time we got the medications I had missed 2 days of class and a test. Now I was in a catchup mode. Unfortunately you just can't miss the days in class and the computer time and keep up. I spent a couple of days trying to catch up but when it came down to it I was behind and couldn't get it done. So, again this year I gave up on the Tax class. Maybe next year I will give it another shot. This time I will put myself into a health capsule and fight off all health issues.

I did have my MRI done and found that I have an issue with the C4 and the C7 spine impinging on nerves. I am attending PT twice a week to see if we can solve this issue. A lot of pain from the C7 area. If this doesn't fix it then steroid shots or surgery to fuse the area. I am opting for PT at this time.

Poker has taken a back seat as well. I will be playing tonight and will also try some live cash game as well. I am not a fan of 2-20 spread but if that is all that is available I guess I will give it a try. The state of Washington has made playing online a class C Felony. I cannot believe this. I ended up transferring my BR over to a friend in Arizona. This is so wrong. You can gamble on horses, Lotto, and even the stock market. Makes me want to leave Washington State and go somewhere more poker friendly. So I guess my days of learning online are over with.

I am still working on my certification from the WSOP Academy. This has really helped my game and understand some of the finer points of playing poker. I need to really look at the math side of this game since the internet pros are starting to use this in how they play. You have to know what they know so you hopefully can figure out what they are thinking. I am getting prepared for the Fall Poker Roundup in Pendleton in November. This is always exciting for me to play with very knowledgable individuals. Last time I came in 80/245 players and I want to do better on this next trip. Getting into the money would be good.

Have a fun day.

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