Friday, October 29, 2010

Boxes Continued

I have been accused of having boxes in my brain. Only able to work on one item at a time. Now I usually am not a multitask person. I do like to work on one item and finish the task before moving on to the next item. If I have to work on more than one I usually will write down the tasks and then again work on the items at hand and try to get the items to a spot I can't go further and then move to the next item on the list. This tends to work well with me. In multitasking the stress level moves up a notch because you have items not being finished and then adding more becomes inevitable.

This is how I percieve the boxes. I have talked about boxes before and how we live in a box. I think you can see the next version and how this is possible.

In the morning I wake up and the mind starts to work. The hyster is starting up and the motor is now running. What boxes are needed for this person to move. I must get the Hygiene box out. This motorized little hyster moves to that area and pulls the box out. The box opens up and there are a number of items that have to be completed. Please don't interrupt the items in this box. They have to happen in order for them to be completed and if they don't happen according to the list then something gets missed and it is gone and out of the box for the day. How it gets back into the box I don't know. Must be a little person that runs around looking for missed items like what they do at Walmart. Put lost items in a cart and someone picks them up at the end of the day and puts them back in the box for the next day. That seems logical to me.

If I have done things correctly and listed my day according to plan the next box is pulled. Of course the previous box must be put back to allow for the next box to be opened up. Cleanliness in the conveyor belt of boxes. Don't work ahead too much in placing more than one box on the conveyor belt because then it will stop and have to wait for the mechanics to come in and fix the belt. I wonder if that is when I sit in the chair and try to figure out my boxes and what order they should be in. Sounds logical.

The day proceeds as it should going from box to box and opening and closing of said boxes. All within a very logical and orderly fashion. In my mind I have all kinds of boxes that will get opened during the day. All of said boxes are clean and will be put back in the same location as when they were pulled.

Remember as before since we live in a box and move around in boxes then our minds must be a box as well. I think it is logical. I like logical and precise. I like things to be in order and function in order. Oh, how I like my box.

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