Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time does Fly

I sit at my desk every day and start thinking of the items I need to achieve for the day and writing in the blog is one of them. I have been busy doing other things and that keeps me from writing.

After telling my parents that Mom has cancer again the next part was visiting the doctor with the test results and seeing what our next options were going to be. We had Mom do the CT with contrast to see if the cancer made it to her lungs or her brain. Yes, it did get to the lungs. No, it did not get to the brain. She has small nodules in her lungs. Our next visit will be to the cancer center here and we will have mom do some radiation therapy. This will not cure the cancer but hopefully we can control it until the time it does not work anymore. We will see what the doctor has to say this week.

My poker playing has taken a back seat to this and I have not played very much. I did play in a freeroll last week and ended up in 14th out of 45 players. Not bad but I know the game setup has a lot to do on how you play. T$1000/10min rounds is really fast. Luck plays more in these type of tournaments. Me, I would rather play in something with at least 20 to 30 minute rounds and have a bigger chip stack to start with. I have done some Online Cash trying to build my bankroll. I am now at 639 hands played and now at -9%. Making a comeback. The more hands I see the better it is. Too bad I let it get down so far before working it out. I wanted to get 100 hands per day but now I am happy to just play a little bit at a time.

I have been spending some time on Craigslist selling items we no longer need. So far it is working out. Nice to get a little bit of cash back.

Still having fun.

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