Saturday, August 07, 2010

Wicked Friday

The weather is hot and trying to maintain cool in the house is a job. Our yard doesn't look very good right now. Yellow spots. I have tried to water and keep up but the grass dries out so fast that is hard and I am behind. Then when you look at your utility bill and it is going up during this time it is hard on everybody. I see lots of yards in the same boat. One more month and then the weather should start to cool down and the watering should be a little bit easier.

I had to do the hardest thing so far that I have ever had to do and that was informing my Mom and Dad that Mom has cancer again. She had cancer a year ago and that was taken care of with surgery. We were told that the margins looked good and they were sure they got it all. Well, about a month ago she started seeing some bumps and we took her to the doctor. After a couple of tests and a Biopsy the results came back and they are positive. Now we are going to be doing some more tests to see how far this has gone. I am not going to look at the possibles but will only work off of facts. I won't know until Tuesday or Wednesday what I will have to tell my parents next. My Mom has Alzheimers as well so that does complicate things somewhat. Emotionally hard but I have to be a rock for my parents. I hope I can do that.

I am not playing as much poker as I would like. I have been doing some cash game and so far I am at 592 hands and my bankroll is still in tack. I am learning some techniques while playing and I think seeing the amount of hands that I am is helping as well. I will keep this up as much as possible. I do plan on playing Monday evening at Jokers. This is a Freeroll with a $300 pot. Got to take the chance on it. If I play well I will give myself the opportunity.

I was in the stock market this last week and the Market Makers took me out of the market early. They are so tricky. I talked with the company I trade through and we looked at what happened. I can't believe what they did. Next time I will do something different and see if that helps.

Keeping it together.

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