Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Nice Weather

We have finally reached September and school has now started. This only means one thing and that is Fall and Winter are on their way. I have never been a fan of Fall and Winter because it reminds me of the nice green leaves now turning brown and dying off. Cold weather and snow. Trying to maintain a positive outlook has always been hard during this time of the year. This year especially I will have to work real hard at it and see if I can maintain a positive attitude about everything.

Today I decided to take a walk along the river. It was very nice outside and when I got there this is what I found.

I sat along the river for a while and watched the boat and the goings on aboard. It is called the Spirit of 98. The banner was so when I got home I went and took a look at what they do. They have seven day trips on the Columbia and Snake river. Wouldn't that be fun and be able to get off at the towns along the way and sight see. That would be a fun vacation.

We continue getting not so good news about Mom and I am afraid to go to the next appointment since I am very sure about what we are going to hear. I really think we are way to far behind doing something for her. We will continue hope that they can do something with hormones and put this into remission. I am having a hard time being positive for parents and yet realistic in what we see. The appointment is scheduled for the middle of the month. That is why I think we are too far behind. If there was something that could be done I would think they would be doing something now instead of waiting.

Right now my poker has taken a back seat to everything. I try to continue with my challenge for live on PS. I am now up to 847 hands. I didn't have a positive session on this last one. I continue to learn. My worst hand was when I had QQ and a Qxx8x and the other person had Q8. It was hard coming back from that. I did manage to come back a little but ran out of time. I would like to get back to tournament play but I can't right now since my mind is not into it with other things going on.

This month I have finished my three months of Stock Training. I seem to understand more than what I started with but now it is putting the Capital to work. Finding a good strategy and the correct stocks to work with is important. I will also be starting a two month class on Taxes in two weeks. So many things going on right now.

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