Tuesday, September 07, 2010

In the Box

My eyes slowly open when I notice the morning light. When I get up I notice I am in a box. This box has everything a person needs. I can move around and do what I want as long as I am in the box. I am now in the front of the box and I hear a ring coming from within the box. This ring is from a smaller box. Each box has a line that goes from the big box and seems to go to other boxes. I would wonder if this is a way for them to communicate.

The voice on the other end wants me to visit another box. If I leave my box am I safe and will I be able to find my way back. I go deep into my box and prepare to venture out and see if I can find this box they are talking about.

I find the small hole in the box that allows me to venture out and I see a lot of boxes in a row. Each box has a little box in the front or on the side. If you get into these little boxes they will move. It seems they move on some type of rail or by some type of guidance mechanism. Mine moved slowly and got out of the small box area and I was moving toward bigger boxes. These bigger boxes were huge. I wonder if anyone ever gets lost in these big boxes.

When my little box stopped I got out and moved toward one of the big boxes. Wow, this was a big box. I could even see into this box from the outside. I knew I was outside because of the bright light that was shining. I moved closer to the box and the box opened up on its own. Why would it open by itself and no one around? Will I be safe going into this box.

When I stepped inside of this box it was empty and was very big. I could now see out of the box and it had a different feel to it. I looked around and I saw another person sitting on a little box. I looked the other direction and there was someone sitting behind a box. I figured since this person was closer to me I would try to communicate with her and see what I was supposed to do in this box. She asked me for identification and opened a box in front of her. She kept looking at the box and then said she may have to move to a bigger box to keep working and looking at it. She even pulled out a smaller box and talked into it like I did earlier. Someone showed up and they talked and I was told to sit on a box and wait.

This same person came back and got me and we walked through this box. This box had little passageways to bigger areas within the box. This person would use a little thing around his neck to open boxes and we would walk through. I was taken to a little box and I was asked to take all of my identification and put it into a box. What are they going to do with my identification in this box? Am I safe to be here? We walked into a little bigger box with some type of humming machine. I guess it could be a box. I was told to lay down and put my head between these two items and he placed little boxes over my ears. He also put something over my neck and this pinned me down so I couldn't move. What kind of box is this? It makes noise.

I was slowly moved so I was inside this box and was told to not move. I was there about 20 minutes listening to noise coming from the small boxes on my ears. This machine kept making loud noises around me. Was this box talking to me? I opened my eyes and could only see a light coming from the box right in front of me. I was eventually let out of this box and was told I could leave. Was I brainwashed? What did they see? Into my body and soul? Would I be the same as when I left?

I was able to get my identification back. It looked alright. All of the boxes were still around. That box they had me in was the only thing that I could see that could be a problem. I seemed to be alright. I was still thinking and I could speak so it must have been alright. Time will tell.

I left the big box behind and got into my smaller box which for some reason knew how to get me back into the area of smaller boxes. It even found the box I had left earlier and I was able to get back into my box. Everything now looks familiar. I have my own box with all of my boxes around me. I must be home.

Is this the Matrix? How do we know it is not just a computer program we live in?

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