Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Over the Hill

Yes, I went over the hill. I went to the west side of the state yesterday. Got up early and took off for a class at 1230. I arrived at 1100 and ended up sitting for an hour and a half. The weather was cloudy but no rain in Bellevue. I had made a video of Mt. Rainier up on Manastash Ridge and I lost it trying to put it on the computer. Better luck next time.

I attended a class on trading from Rich Dad group. When I got done with the class I ended up purchasing the information and another three day seminar. I think this will just engrain into me what I already know as well as help me get started with my trading and finding the stocks I want to trade. I am still looking at the ETF Sectors for the SPDR. What I did was just create more study that needs to be done and more time that will be spent. I guess if I throw enough darts on the board something will stick.

I attended my second day of the H&R Block Tax class and so far so good. My homework was done and proved to be correct. Yes, I can fill out a form now and figure income and taxes. Now we get to the meat of the forms and all of the extra stuff you can do to get deductions etc. Will work on Chapter 3 and the related homework for Friday.

It has been nice the last few days getting up and going somewhere in the morning just like days of old. I like being home but I also enjoy the ability to meet people and talk with others. Not my usual. I don't like meeting new people but once I am in a situation I will make the best of it and talk.

I did play live cash and on the very first hand I got 94 and since I already paid the BB and when it came around to me I went ahead and put in a raise and both the SB and BB folded. I didn't play another hand for 12 hands. I had A9 and I put in a raise being the first in. Someone raised all-in after me so I folded. Two hands later I got QQ and bet and was called. I bet each street and was called each time. I really felt I had the best hand and he was letting me bet for him. Usually this means they have a strong hand and will entice me to just check it down. He ended up showing AK and I won the pot. That was the last hand I played for this session. The table started to break up so I went ahead and left the table as well.

Today is the day that we visit the physician for my Mom. We will find out what will be the next plan for the Cancer.

Have a good day.

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