Monday, September 06, 2010

My 201st Post

I cannot believe that I have now put in over 200 posts on this blog. I really have fun writing and that is something I never thought would happen.

I remember the days in High School where I was in the last period of the day and it happened to be English. English and I just never got along. As you can see I still have issues with punctuations. Maybe someday I can get better with that. I used to sit in the back of the class and when the teacher would go to the office then a group of us would sneak out the window that was open and then ditch class. Was that smart? No. I did pass the class and that was with the help of the secretary for the teacher. I would go into the office and stand behind her and look at the answers to the tests and then would do well in the tests. Ok, not a good idea but at that time that is what I did. Enough of the past.

I decided to sit down and play on FT last night and I got into 27 player SnG. I have a strategy of playing in these tournaments and it does well for me. I will also write down all the hands that are given to me so I can review what I did and when. We start out with T$1500 and I end up playing the 10th hand into the tournament. I was given 10K and was in the Hijack seat. Everyone was checking it down and we made it to the river and this is what was on the board. 26AJ6. I know I didn't hit it but it seemed no one else wanted it either. I bet and was called and the person in the SB had an A to win the pot. I am now at T$1280.

Nine hands later I got 88. I raised it 3 times the blind and immediately won the pot. No one wanted to play. Two hands later I got JJ and raised it 3 times the blind and ended up going all-in with it and the other player had 1010 and my Jacks held up to get me to T$2275.

Two hands later I get 33 and end up folding. The very next hand I got AK and win the hand and now I am at T$2255. We move forward five hands and I get 22 and when the flop came out I did not get the set I was looking for so I folded. Four hands later I get A6 and I call with this hand. I ended up with a draw and made a bet at the pot and did win the hand. I know move to T$3490.

I didn't see another hand I could play for eighteen hands. My last hand of this tournament was AQ and ended up playing against a person with AQ and we ended up being all-in and he made a flush. I was out of the tournament in 8th place three from the money.

I am spending time working on my poker studies with the WSOP Academy.

There is so much going on right now it is hard to keep up. I was called by the hospital today and asked if I would do my MRI today instead of tomorrow. I went in and it was done. They are looking at my Spine to see why I am having pain in my shoulder and down my arm. I tried to pick up one of the grandkids the other day and couldn't do that. Hopefully they will find something since this hurts in my shoulder and spine.

Today was yard mowing day and putting some water on the grass. Take care.

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