Sunday, September 12, 2010

I want to hide

I keep saying that I want to go up to the mountains and sit looking at Mt. Rainier. It is such a peaceful place where one can sit and just think about how enormous this mountain is and the power it has available within itself. I do the same when I get around the rivers or ocean. Look at the power it has and what it can do within nature. The creator is great and allows us to see these magnificant items in our little planet. We are reminded we are not in control.

This week is going to be a very busy week for me. At least it is suppose to start out that way. Tomorrow I will start my first day in Tax class. This will go on for 2 months. I am hoping it will go well. So many other things are pushing for my time and I am wondering if I will make it through. The last time I tried to take this class I was working as a Respiratory Therapist and was called to go on a Neonatal Transport and it happened a couple of times in a row and I could not complete the class. Now I have the opportunity but will everything else allow me the time.

Tuesday this week I am headed to Seattle to attend a Stock Trading class. I am also going to try and meet up with some friends from my hospital days. There is a possibility another class may come out of this one. We will see. I want to attend the Tuesday session first and evaluate the program. I am presently working on trading the ETF Spyders. If I work with the sectors I will not have the fluctuations as just the company stocks. This will be more like working with mutual funds without the mutual fund type rules.

One area that I have tried to keep out of the blog is the family portion of what I am dealing with. My mom has cancer and alzheimers and working with her and my dad to get through this part of life. Sometimes I have to be the person taking the unkind words from my dad on not doing enough. Thats alright since I have to remain strong for both of them. We will visit a doctor on Wednesday for more information on cancer. I am working on placement for my mom for the Alzheimers but I have to keep in mind the cancer and how we are going to approach this as well. Where might be the best place for her? Do I separate Mom and Dad at this point? Stress is back and my BP is starting to show it as well as my blood sugars. I will eat under stress and that is what is happening right now. I will sit and eat my comfort food which is Popcorn and Nachos. I have been known to do both in one night.

Poker is really taking a back seat at this time. I try to continue to play some live cash to keep my BR up. I will need to start working on tournament play again for the Fall Roundup in Pendleton at the Wildhorse Casino. I really want to do well at this tournament. Remember I was 80/245 players last time and I want to do better and get into the money this time. If I give myself small goals in poker I will achieve them easier. My goal for live cash is to try and get 50 hands in a sitting. I will keep working on that one. This also allows me to get my mind in a different spot and concentrate on something else other than the issues that are in front of me. I have three new chapters to complete from the WSOP Academy to continue my goal of poker certification. When I am done I could possibly coach some and help others with their game.

Have a good week.

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Anonymous said...

Washington state's approach to online poker SUCKS!!!! U will work through life's obstacles my friend...we'll both be at the 2011 WSOP...wait & see...JB