Friday, September 17, 2010

Great Night Back

I haven't played in a Casino for six weeks. Too many things taking up my time. My mind hasn't been focusing on playing the game I like. But last night everything changed.

Knowing I haven't been in the casino for 6 weeks I didn't know what to expect. I have been continuing to study from the WSOP and hoping that I remembered everything I put into my brain. There were two tables playing last night and the tournament structure had changed. This was a Bounty Tournament and we started with T$10,000 in chips and the rounds were 15 minutes. For each person you busted out of the tournament you would get $10. To bust four people you would make your money back for the tournament. I just wanted to make it to the final table and let the other stuff happen if it happens.

On the first table I waited till the 2nd round of play with the blinds at 50/100 before I got involved with any of the pots. My first big hand was a flush and got beat by Full House. The second one was my set against another Full House. I didn't start out well but I figured if I was patient and not go all in eventually the cards will come my way. And they did. Before I left the Table for the Final Table I was well up over T$13,000.

At the final table anything can happen. I remained patient and played my big hands. I got JJ and was beat by AA. A little bit later I had AA and beat the same guy with 88. I told him I was letting him hold my chips until I needed them again. In the end 1st place was nice. Getting back to playing after 6 weeks off I still had the ability to play good.

My first week of Tax Class is done and now we are starting to get into the meat of taxes and should be fun. Got to keep up with the homework. We watched the instructor do a tax return online and it looks like what I have been doing for years with Turbo Tax. Just a different application. In class it is Theory and all the different scenerios we will be seeing during the tax season. Lets hope it works out alright.

I need to interject some stock trading here at some point. Need to get back to reading charts in the evening and set up some trades.

I will say this that Alzheimers is an ugly thing to watch someone go through. You add Cancer to that and it is rougher to watch. Will be looking for some guidance soon on what to do with my Mom.

Have a fun weekend. Keep it green.

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