Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today was the day that I played at the Wildhorse Casino. I was able to play in one of the tournaments for the week and this was the one. I left this morning at 0800 and got there around 0930. I bought in for this tournament for $150 and we will start with T$5,000. The rounds are 30 minutes each. This is perfect as it gives you the time to play and usually those with some type of skill level can rise to the top.

I was able to get through 8 rounds today. This is the longest I have been able to last in these tournaments. Coming in with a strategy really helped me this time. I am really glad I was able to spend the time with the Pros down in Las Vegas. It really helped. I ended up in about 80th position out of 245 players that started. Being in the money started in the 25th position. I got close.

I will now take what I have learned about myself and what I was able to do in this tournament and start practicing at Jokers again to get myself ready for the tournament in November. I had a lot of fun today.

At one point one of the players asked me if I was a Pro. I told him no but I did stay at a motel 6 last night. Ok, it was a Holiday Inn. It still went over real well with the table.

It was an exciting day.

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