Friday, July 02, 2010

Multiple Topics

Sometimes in my life I will go out of the norm or what I percieve to be normal and do the opposite. For the people that know me I will sometimes do things that I wouldn't dream of doing. I don't like wearing jeans. I once did the brakes on my car in slacks. I don't like wearing hats but sometimes I will wear a cowboy hat. I will wear clothing that I don't normally wear just to see if people notice. Ok, you say what is your point?

In life overall a dream of mine was to work for myself. I have always looked for ways to make an income for my family and still be true to myself and the dreams that I have. Of course family comes first so you do the right thing and settle down and work for someone else. I have met and know of a person who is a very good friend that took their entire retirement account and put it into a business. This business went through some tuff times and even to the point of possibly selling the business for very little money. They hung on and today this business has grown 3 fold. Wow, what a story and the willingness to step out of the norm. This person is an inspiration to me and knowing it can be done.

I don't have the same opportunity or the money to do what this person did but it doesn't stop me from looking for ways to work for myself. I have tried a number of things. The worm farm being one. If it wasn't so hot in my garage I know it would have worked. Keeping worms happy is really hard. I then spent five years working MLM and even had one of them take off and went from Washington to Canada back to Washington and then on to Oregon and California. You would have thought I would have made it with that one. No, the payout structure was changed and I was getting less money than when I started. Ok, I got into Stocks, Forex and at the end of the couple of years I was still at breakeven. All of these never stopped me from thinking that someday I can work for myself.

I guess the opportunity is now here again. I am pushing myself to make my next projects work. I have attended an academy for poker, and am in the middle of the academy for stocks. I think the education part is going to help me get to where I need to be. I have to have the drive to make it work. You have to want this to work out. I have now added another part of what I want to achieve. I will be attending the H&R Block class on taxes. This one is a little more far fetched. When I started college back in 1974-75 my major was Accounting. The reason I didn't finish was because I ran out of money. I had to settle for an associate business degree. For me being able to help people with their taxes is something that I enjoy doing. I am now going to give this a shot.

My plate is pretty full now. I will have the Stocks that I can trade and work on and I will also have the poker game to enjoy. I will hopefully have the tax season to help others and keep busy. Will any of these bring in a steady income for our family? Did my friend have a guarantee that when they pulled out their retirement to start a business that they would have an income? I don't think so. I have let this person know that I think they are a hero of mine. Doing something you have a desire to do and no matter what anyone says you keep pushing forward. That is why I always try to listen to the positive. Negative people have no business being around me. I try to keep myself positive.

This week I have been working with my parents financial stuff trying to make sure that they are able to continue living where they are at. It is important to me that they are able to continue with the lifestyle they presently have. The State has multiple papers that need to be filled out and the nurse is due to evaluate in August to make sure they are able to stay in their apartment. Again, I am staying positive that they will not have to be moved.

Yes, I have signed up for the H&R Block class. This will start in September when I am done with my stock class. It was nice that so far the 3 education courses have been able to follow each other. First the Poker Academy, Stock Academy and then the tax course. I feel like I am learning and will be able to keep busy.

My poker game has been doing well right now. Last week I came in 1st place and last night I came in 2nd. I almost eeked out another win last night. I had the other player all-in twice with me being the chip leader and both times he was able to river out on me. I just couldn't make a comeback on the last one. With blinds at 3000/6000 I was in trouble. I let the guy off of the hook by letting him take a break when I just about had him at one point. He was not able to concentrate and make good decisions. I gave in and let him go to the bathroom. If I had to do it over again I should have made him keep playing. Maybe I wanted to win it fair and square and without the added stress he was going through. Hopefully some day he returns the favor and I win.

I have been having fun watching the The Big Game. One loose cannon against five pros. You are staked with $100,000 and you get to keep anything over that amount after you have played 150 hands. This week Nadya is up $71,000 and has about 45 hands to play yet. It has been fun. I have also been watching the WSOP on ESPN3 and that is fun as well. I learn by watching and this has taught me alot by seeing them play each hand, not the ones the TV wants to show you. I am very visual so I learn well by seeing someone do this and then I can follow and do the same thing.

Have a happy fourth everyone.

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