Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sometimes I will start to think about stuff and then it becomes more stuff and then I start to ponder of what I really think about the stuff I am wondering about. See how the mind can get so clogged with stuff. I need to have that button under internet (mind) to clean the stuff out. Create some more room for more stuff.

Lately I have been thinking about friends. Who are they? I suppose you can have friends at all levels. You have friends that really know you and how you think. What your goals are and will help you in any way possible. They support you in your goals and will not put you down when you want to do something different. I guess this is a person you can confide in and know some of your inner thoughts. I wonder sometimes who that is. Now I am not talking about the significant other. This person really knows you and is the confidant in your live. I am talking about friends. Probably first level.

You have work friends. People you work with and hang out with on a daily basis. People that know you on a work level and see you day to day in your good times and bad times. Not someone you would confide in unless they are real friends. I would think these friends would cover your back. Take care of each other.

How about friends you meet outside of work and you accidently meet somehow. Strike up a conversation with and then you just keep in contact. Sometimes they can be the best friends you can have. People that have the same common interests that you have and some of the goals you might have. You can also help each other meet your goals by pushing each other along.

I don't know what got me thinking about friends. Maybe it is because I haven't heard from some of them for awhile and then when you try to make contact you are either ignored or they don't want to be friends anymore. You just have to wonder about friends. I do know that friends change over the course of time. Who were your friends 30 years ago and then you think who are my friends now. What happened? Time. We are in a changing world. We change, we grow and I guess friends change too.

See I have too much stuff on the brain.

I have been playing a lot of poker lately and hope to continue. Trading is not easy in this market. I don't mind short trading just not yet. I don't like to chase the market.

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Anonymous said...

When this friend has recovered from pneumonia, she will begin to reconnect with the world... sorry I have been out of touch. sb