Sunday, June 13, 2010


I am a person that tries to stay away from confrontations. I don't like it when people start arguments and will do things that hurt other people. So, with that being said here I am playing poker.

Poker is a game that puts people at war against other players. I believe this is a skill game in that you have to understand how to go to war with the other players at the table. Of course in poker we do this without going to extremes as in a real war. But the mentality has to be there.

Off topic but what I am getting at is all the talk about the Ladies Tournament in the WSOP. Guys are signing up for this tournament because they are saying the equity is good? I really do not believe that the guys should be entering this tournament and they should not have been allowed to register. This is listed as a Ladies Tournament and needs to stay that way. Yes, in an open event everyone is welcome to play. I don't have the skill yet to play in an open event like the WSOP but I am learning and practicing with the game. I do play at Wildhorse in the Fall, Summer and the Spring events. That allows me to see where I am at in my learning process. It does cost me some money to enter but I need to know if I am getting better playing in these kinds of events.

The Ladies Tournament gives them the opportunity to play with each other and learn from each other. I am not saying it is less of a tournament but saying it does give them a tournment without the guys playing. I will say that when I play at our local casino and have a lady at the table I am more concerned about her and her style and how I will play against her. When I play against the guys at the table I know what I am trying to do.

I do know that the last time I played at Wildhorse I played in a seniors event and it was more fun than actually playing in an open. I felt more at ease and did not feel intimidated. Could that be the same with the Ladies Tournament? A place to play and not feel intimidated. Learn and then play opens? Come on guys stay out of the Ladies Tournaments.

Remember I don't like confrontations. Sometimes I like to go against the grain and see what happens.

I played in 4 SnGs last night and my BR is now: Tournament BR...$79.06

Have a good week.


Queen_Five said...

As a woman who has been player poker now for a little more than 10 years, I have to say that I am not fond of there even being a ladies only poker tournament if there isn't going to be a boys only tourney.

But even if they offered both tournaments, the fact is that we every poker player plays different styles and types of game. Especially when you get above a certain level, to imagine that woman play THAT much differently as to give the guys an edge is ridiculous!

Woman can be just as aggressive as men are typically viewed as playing (Annette comes to mind) and men can play just as passively as woman are supposed to play. There are fewer women who play, but our numbers are growing and I imagine soon, you will see more and more women taking WSOP bracelets in other events.

steve said...

I do agree with you Queen_Five. After reading Annie Duke I tend to agree with what she is saying. It is a subject that is hard to deal with. I am not saying that women play any differently but I know I have a hard time figuring them out at the table. That is just me and something I work on every week at the tables. I really enjoy the game and I don't care who is at the table I just want to play.
Thanks for reading the blog. I never know who is reading and I mostly feel I am talking to myself. Thanks for your time.