Thursday, June 24, 2010

Poker Day

I got up this morning ready for Lesson 3 of the Online Trading Academy. Sometimes I wonder if I get too much information in this head. I sometimes will start to over analyze things and then go into brain freeze and then can't seem to do anything. This then turns into procrastination because I don't know what to do. Is there a pill for that? The classes are going well just a lot of information and I keep taking notes. One nice thing about this is that all of the lessons are video taped and I can rewatch them at any time. Since this is actually lifetime I will probably keep listening to them live so one day it becomes engrained in my head.

After the class was done and I had a chance to look at the stocks I have been following I then started playing poker. I put in nine sessions and then this evening I went to Jokers Casino and put in time at the table for the tournament. Tonight I did come in first and took down the tournament cash. This does pay for one of the tournaments at Wildhorse this next month. I would like another cash to pay for both of the tournaments I would like to play. So far one down and now will work on the second one.

While I was in Las Vegas I decided to change my look from the cowboy hat. I should have put my sunglasses on with this one.
The chips are from the win tonight and the pink ones are T$1000 and the red are T$500 dollars. I had another stack of them that didn't make it into the picture as well.

I also started today going through my WSOP course book and studying that as well. Need to make sure I am ready for Wildhorse Casino. Some of you will notice that yes, I am playing with pink chips. I like these chips since they are worth T$1000 apiece. Figured some of you might like that since I am not a pink fan.

Time to call it a day and get ready for tomorrow.

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Johnny B said...

I like the new look!