Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Day 1 at WSOP

The room was fabulous in the Mystique tower of Rio. I had a living room area and then across from that was the king size bed. I had another room for the clothes and the sinks. It was a big area that had a refrigerator in it. Then of course there was the bathroom that was again oversize. This was a nice room overlooking the pool area and was on the 17th floor. What a view. If I can download the pictures from my phone I will try and put them on the blog.

I got to bed that night and the bed was harder than what I am used to. I wear an insulin pump and lying on my side was not working. At home I can lay on my side and not even know I have the pump on. I did set my alarm for early since I did not know the start time of the Academy. I did not receive any information from them on times before I left home. I knew where I was supposed to be by walking around and finding the location but times and agenda were not available to me.

At 0400 music started playing in my room. I woke up and quickly found the location it was coming from. Someone had set the radio alarm in the room and I was the beneficiary of the wake up at 0400. Nice joke. Next time I will check the alarms and make sure they are off. I have the alarm on my iPhone that I use if I need an alarm. Usually I don't. I tend to wake myself up when I need to. I turned the alarm off and went back to sleep. Again the radio started playing and when I looked at the clock radio it now said 0500. This time I spent the time to find the actual off switch and then rolled back over and tried to go to sleep. I was going to wake up at 0600 and start getting ready for the day.

I got downstairs and went over to the Cafe that I found and ordered breakfast. The hallways were guiet. Breakfast was good and now the start of the day. I went over and sat in front of the WSOP Academy registration booth so I wouldn't miss anyone and at around 0830 someone came by and they told us they would start at 0930. Ok, I was up a little too soon this morning. With a little bit of help I might add. Now, I wait for 0930 and get registered. When I walked up to the desk at 0930 I found out why I didn't get anything from them. I was not on their list of participants. I paid for this back in March and I wasn't on the list? Ok, don't let this upset your day. This is supposed to be fun, educational and something I have wanted to do for a long time. I am not going to let them ruin it for me.

I received my book and later got my nametag. The book itself is the courseware for the program. I was anxious to open this up and learn all the secrets of playing poker like a pro. I couldn't wait to sit down and open the pages up and start reading. I am sooooo ready for this. I have watched the pros on television and now I am going to have the chance to see them in person and have them talk to us about playing the game. The excitement was starting to build.

How many people will show up for the class? They had 4 tables set up in the back with everything on them to play a game. Looks like about 40 people will be here. We all sat down and waited for the Pros to enter the room. I want to be a sponge and soak up the knowledge. I want to listen to every word they say and follow what they are doing at the table. The fact I was not on the registered list of participants was not going to deter me from having the time of my life right here and right now.

To be continued....

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