Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where is Summer?

I can't believe we are still running in the 70's around here. I can't complain too much because it is not raining and the sun is still shining. I have learned to not complain during this time of the year because I know what is coming around the corner. The treaded Fall and Winter. The time I want to head south for some better weather.

This week I have 4 days of classes for the XLT Trading Academy. So far it is going well and I am starting to understand what I need to do to trade correctly. Getting up at 0530 in the morning to go over the Market Briefing before the market opens is always the fun morning. Being a Swing Trader I won't have to be doing much of that during my trading day. I just need to be aware of what to look for and be able to work with the charts of the stocks I will be trading. We have some very good instructors that are showing us the ropes of trading.

I have been playing poker this week as well and my BR went down to the area of $70 and now after today I was able to bring it back up to $80.88. I have been working on multitabling and today I started up two of them. The one on my left was moving faster than the one on the right. The left one got down to 4 players and I was the chip leader. The right one was at 6 players and I was short stack so I decided to just go all in and finish this up and put all of my attention on the left game. After going all in a couple of times and winning the hands I then started to back off in my thinking for that game and in time I ended up getting my first place out of that game. Then still being 4 players on the left side I was able to give my full attention to this game. In the end I ended up in 2nd place and my BR was up now by $10.

I will be playing at Jokers this Thursday. My goal at this time is to make these tournaments my satellites for the bigger events at the Wildhorse Casino in Pendleton. This next month they will be hosting the Summer Poker Rodeo and I am hoping that I can play in a couple of the tournaments. Winning just one here will pay for possibly 2 tournaments. The buy ins are little bit higher than here so it will be good practice to treat these like attending a satellite. After attending the Poker Academy and reading Dan Harringtons books I hope to have good sessions. This will be a good test of my abilities to keep this going. So far so good but it has to get serious soon. I will be working on my Tournament BR now.

I do have goals for this next year. I want to cash at Wildhorse. Play in a WSOP event in 2011. And of course do well with my trading in Stocks. If I put my attention to doing well the money will be a by product.

I have a friend who is having surgery today and I wish him the ability to get well soon and get back at the tables. Maybe we can meet up at the 2011 WSOP and play a tournament. Take care JB and get well soon.

Having fun.

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Thanks for being in my corner buddy...JB