Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Very Good Day

Today has been a very busy day for me. You wouldn't think that a person not having a job would be busy. I spend a good share of my day reading and going over the stock market and trying to learn as much as I can. I am very anxious to get going and the day is getting closer.

Today I had a class at 1000 that went till 1200. This was a good class since he was going over trades that individuals had made and to see what we could learn from them. Watch out for tomorrow since tomorrow is the quadruple witching day. This is when the option and futures market will expire. We spent a lot of time reading the chart to see what we could learn from the past and what we can learn from seeing what takes place in the morning. Evidently a non trade day. I will be watching.

I was also notified from Scottrade, my platform for trading, that they had left an email for me on my community site. When I finally got a chance to look at the email I was flabergasted at what was said. A few days ago I wrote on my blog with Scottrade what I was doing, my goals, and where I was headed with my trading. I figured this was a way for me to keep a history of what I was doing. I do the same with this blog as well. I was told that they are going to use my blog as a featured blog. Wow, someone read it and liked what I wrote. Now they are going to feature it to the community. I might get someone reading my blog. I am excited about this and will see where it goes. I sent an email off to OTA since they were mentioned in the blog and maybe they might see some more students.

I will be playing poker tonight at Jokers. I have decided to stick with Jokers instead of going over to the Cable Casino. Right now I would prefer to stay closer to home and play right here. I would really like to see a few more people attend this one but will make do for the time being. I am going to make my play seem like a satellite into the Wildhorse events. Since the Wildhorse Casino events do cost more I will try to get into the money or win the tournaments so I can play in the bigger events. This will hopefully make me play for a reason and play to win instead of just playing for the fun of it.

Yesterday I played in two SnG's and had a 1st and a 2nd place finish. That always helps as well.

I am glad you are back home JB. Get better and get your rest.


Susan said...

Glad others read and enjoy your blog too!

Johnny B said...

Thanks Steve!