Friday, June 18, 2010

Expiration Friday

It has been a long week and having my trading classes four days this week. They are only about 2 hours in length but they are packed with information. Thank goodness I can go back and relisten to the lessons I need to make sure I understand. Today we talked about Trends and Timeframes.

Last night I played at Jokers Casino and did not do very well. My first hand played was a hand I still don't why I was there. It must have been a BB and a call all the way around. I had AQ and after the flop I put in a pot size bet. I had one caller and then the turn came Q. Now a pair of Q's is good with an Ace kicker but why would the other guy keep calling me. Of course I couldn't back off since the Q was the highest card on the board. I knew it had to be good. When we got done he turned over the flopped straight. I didn't see it at the beginning. I was watching the flush possibility but was not looking at the straight possibility. I must have lost about half of my chips during that one hand.

The rest of the night didn't go so well after that. I couldn't get the chips to grow so I was relegated to pushing every opportunity. Finally I came up with KQ and decided again this was the opportunity and some one called with A6 and they end up with a better two pair. I had a K on the turn and a Q on the river. Ok, out of the tournament and I go back to the drawing board of what did I learn from this. I guess I need to pay attention to the board.

I am reading Dan Harringtons book and he is very close to the teaching that I received from the WSOP. I will be rereading the Courseware from the WSOP and reading the two volumes of Harringtons books. Good information in both. I have to be careful of too much information and go into a mental block and not play good at all. I need to let the game come to me and do what is appropriate. Even if others don't do what I expect them to do I need to maintain because once I get to Wildhorse Casino then the players change and will play more to the book level. I just need to adjust to the way the players are playing.

This Sunday I am headed to a Mariners game with my sons and friends of ours. The boys are taking their dads to a baseball game. This should be fun. I am looking forward to this.

Having fun.

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