Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day

On Sunday we went and watched the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field. My sons took me and the sons of my friend went on the day long trip.

We left at 0800 in the morning and arrived in time to walk around the park and get something to eat before the game started. Wow, the food is expensive at the park. We had a very nice enjoyable day. The Mariners won the game with Cincinnati by the score of 1 - 0. Getting out of Seattle and back on I-90 was the event for us.

They have built some new roads around the stadium and when we got out of the parking garage we were directed out of the area. We ended up on a road headed south and had to try to find our way back to I-90 heading east. We did make it back to the Freeway and back on track for home. We got here about 8PM. Not bad. We were all tired. It was a fun day and being with our sons was a blast.

Monday I got up to attend my Stock Trading class and 10 minutes into it the computer went down. I called Charter and they said it would be back up in a few hours. Well, it ended up being around 6PM almost 10 hours later. So, I missed my class which I will make up for tomorrow morning. No poker of course. What did we do before computers. Thank goodness I had my iPhone to keep up with emails and twitters and Facebook.

I have been working on my poker strategy and I am thinking about writing a booklet on what I learned at WSOP as well as all of my reading of the books. This will be my poker plan like a business plan on how I intend to play the game.

I am looking forward to the next test which will be July 14-18 at Wildhorse Casino. I would like to play two times but will wait to see how I do up to that point here at Jokers Casino.

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