Friday, June 11, 2010

Back to the Grind

Here it is Friday. Last night I was able to play at Jokers Casino. Where are the players? We ended up having only 9 players last night. I guess you can say we all made it to the final table. I like the structure of the game. We pay $35 and get $5000 in chips to start. We have 20 minute rounds.

I was able to pick up a few hands last night. Chip stack was growing and then I went card dead. I needed to start picking my spots and playing hands that maybe I wouldn't normally play. That wasn't working either. I would get raised or the person would c-bet. I ended up in fifth place for the night. Last hand was KK and the other person got his Ace on the flop.

Today was the first lesson from the OTA. It was a very informative day and does give me some work to do on the charts. Hopefully this weekend I can devote some time to the charts and find some that look good to trade. We learned about the Supply and Demand and putting in our horizontal lines. There is more to it than that but with lesson one you have to start with the basics.

A good friend of mine is having surgery this next week. Do well and listen to the doctors. Will be anxious to hear from you when your done with surgery. Get back to playing poker.

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