Thursday, June 10, 2010

WSOP Day 3

Today is one of the most important days for the Academy for me. This is the day that we would be doing hand analysis. We are done with the theory and we are now ready to start putting into practice what we have learned.

The sad part of today was having to call the shuttle company and let them know to pick me up tomorrow morning at 0945 to head back to the airport to fly home. The weather is nice and it would be nice to just stay in Las Vegas and play the game I enjoy.

In the WSOP Academy room the table is set up and when we get started there are only 9 of us sitting at the table with one pro. The pro today was Shawn Rice. He gives us the ground rules at the start and also lets us know that if we expected to be playing a lot of hands we would be disappointed. I did figure this would be slow going because of the analysis of each hand we were playing. Why we were playing what we did and how we could have played it differently.

One of the things that happened during this time was the stern part of the play. If we did not perform to the standards we had to explain ourselves on why and then listen to what we did wrong. This was a good learning experience. Shawn wanted us to listen and learn and play it right. Get the bad habits out of our style. I really appreciated the process.

Yes, I did some things wrong and I was talked to about my play. I think we all were at some point. He drove the points home though. On my last hand I had 77 and I didn't play it in position. I think you can guess what happened. I was lectured again and I knew it was coming. It was the last hand of the day but to Shawn it did not matter. I was given an opportunity and didn't take it. Now, when the hand was played out on the board I would have laid it down anyway but that wasn't the point. My betting should have taken the hand down before it got to the end if I had played the hand. It is position, position and position.

At the end of the day I went out and got some dinner. I then spent the last night in Las Vegas in the Pavilion and Amazon rooms watching the pros play one last time. I was also able to find my online coach and took a picture of him. I was hoping to say hi and meet him face to face but that didn't happen. Maybe next time I am in Vegas I can catch up with him.

It was a fun trip and now the work begins. I will keep updating the blog on my progress.

Last night I played a SnG (9) and placed 1st.
Tournament Bankroll ----- $91.31
HU and Cash Bankroll ---- $44.22
Live Bankroll ----------- $xxxx.xx

Tonight I will be playing at Jokers in the $35 NLHE Tournament.

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Anonymous said...

How much did this course cost you & was it worth it? e-mail me the answer if you don't want to post it...also, did they cover sitngos too? live I guess, not the online variety you & I are used to...I'm enjoying your vegas tale by the way...JB