Friday, June 04, 2010


Wednesday evening I decided to go try out my new strategy and see if I learned anything. I played in a tournament that was very fast paced and the chips were T$20,000. Rounds must have been around 5 - 10 minutes. It seems they were changing quite fast.

I started out real well and was building my chip stack and then got involved in a hand that took me down to about $13,000. I then sarted rebuilding and got myself up to around $22K and then started playing a hand that I should not have been in. I have Pocket 8's and the flop came 346. I figured I was still ahead and bet the pot and was followed. The turn was a Q. I didn't like that one but I didn't think he had the queen either. The River came Ad. Now there were 4 diamonds on the board. He probably had the diamond but would he have bet the flop with the diamonds. Could he have the A? Possible but then with the size of the bets would he have hung on and waited for the Ace?

We turned them over and I had my Pocket 8's and he had a Ace high Diamond flush with a pair of Aces. He was holding A5.

I am out of the tournament. I should have let it go and I didn't. I am learning the story of the cards and will only get better as the time goes on.

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