Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Back from WSOP

I arrived home yesterday from Las Vegas. It was a fun trip as well as a big learning experience for me. I guess you can say it had the WOW factor.

I am all packed and ready to go. I decided to take the duffel bag instead of the backpack as I new I would have some books to bring back and I needed the extra room. Our daughter-in-law took me to the airport which made it easier for me not having a vehicle parked there. Saves us money as well. It does get expensive parking in their lots.

In the airport I waited for the TSA folks to open up the gates and I figured since I am about 2 hours early for the flight it would give me a chance to sit and relax. Once the gate was opened I waited for the first initial people to go through and then I walked up and pulled my DL and flight ticket out for her. I told her that I was a diabetic and that I had an insulin pump on and what if anything did I need to do. She asked me to put the pump towards the front and then she got on the radio and told the person on the other side that I had an insulin pump on. I was asked to walk through and when I did no alarms went off. I was then asked to step over to another area and was asked to hold the insulin pump in my hands. My hands were then wiped to see if I had any explosives on them. I was then frisked and they went through my duffel bag and especially my diabetic bag I carry with me. I was deemed a safe and was let go to go into the terminal. Was all that necessary for a diabetic with an insulin pump? Will my life now be this way where I will be searched everytime I walk into an airport? Doesn't seem right to me.

Once the plane got up into the air it started to get bumpy. I was coming from Salt Lake once through a thunder and lighting storm and now that seems like nothing compared to leaving that day. We had to get up to the 20,000 ft level before it finally settled down.

One of my pet peeves while riding in the airplane is the person in front of me moving his seat in the back position. How much room do you think that gives me? I feel like I want to do the same to him. See how they feel with less room.

Flying from Salt Lake to Las Vegas was even bumpier than the previous leg. In fact most of the way we had this and the attendants had to cancel the drink service because it just wasn't safe for them to be in the aisle. Arriving into Las Vegas got scary as well. It was reported they were having winds at 10-30 mph gusts. When we came in for the landing the plane actually turned sideways going straight. That was a first and I was holding onto the arms on the seats. I hate flying. This reaffirms that.

Getting to the Rio and checking in was good. I put my stuff up in the room and my first order of business was to get the lay of the land. I wanted to find the WSOP area and find out where I was to spend my next few days. After a number of hours I did find the area and found a nice Cafe as well that I would spend the next few days eating at. I did play some Video Poker and that was it. I was tired and went back to the room to get ready for the next day.

To be continued......

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dbcooper said...

Look forward tio hearing more. I will be Vegas in two weeks.