Friday, July 09, 2010

I See Twins

I guess I will start my blog off with Poker this time. The last two days have been not nice to me. Just when you think you might have it all figured out it turns against you. Or is it you just think your getting better and it has to knock you down a peg to let you know you are not in charge.

I looked over my notes from the WSOP Academy just like I am now doing before I go and play any tournament. This will help me reinforce what I have learned and to play the style I need to get to the final table. I have always said that anything can happen when you get to the final table but you have to get there first. Well, then how do you get there? By following the plan sam!!

Ok, I did make the final table thursday night at Jokers Casino. The only problem I had was not following the plan. Instead of playing TAG to start I opened up playing LAG. TAG is Tight Aggressive and LAG is Loose Aggressive for those that do not like letters only. I was so LAG that I ended up getting low on chips. At that point I figured I was in trouble so I went to TAG in the middle of the tournament and where I normally start to open up the game. OK, now you can see I am reverse of what I should be doing. That followed me all the way to the final table. Yes, I did make the final table but with not very much in chips. At that point I usually start playing TAG again to get to the top three. Well, I ended up moving to LAG to catch up and that is what got me in trouble.

My final hand here was KQ vs KJ and was allin with 2 other players. On the flop was a K and then on the river there was a J. I am out in 7th place.

Now I figured today playing at Islands Casino I would do better. At the beginning I was TAG and then I get AQ vs KQ. The Q came on the flop and the K on the river. I really don't like the river card anymore. At least through the rest of the day.

Both of these Casinos are different with the game. Jokers is $35 for T$5,000 chips and 20 minute rounds. Islands is $25 for T$2,000 chips and 15 minute rounds. Will have to figure out the difference between how to play them. Any ideas let me know.

Now that I am running two blogs I am trying to separate my poker playing from my stock trading. I am still being highlighted with the stock blog. I am even getting some followers with it and that will keep me going with that one. What about this one? Anyone out there? You can comment on if you like it or whatever you want to say.

Have a good weekend.

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