Friday, December 16, 2005


Today at work it was uneventful. Nice easy day which allowed me to get some stuff done that has been on my to do list. It does look like I will be project managing two new projects this next year. This came about when one of the coworkers resigned and went to work elsewhere. It is a very good opportunity for her.

After last night I gave back some of the pips I earned the day before. I am still positive though and that is the good news. It does say this system will be right about 40% of the time. The positives are at least 200 - 300 pips and the negatives are about 30 - 40 pips. Right now fortunately for the weekend I am out all of the currencies. I do not like holding over the weekend. This is the patience part and I have to wait for the next trend. I am getting ready to read a new book on trading called "Bird Watching in Lion Country" I am anxious to see what he has to say about trading.

Last night in poker was interesting. I played 2 SNG's at PP and I came in 5th in the first one and then was 3rd in the second one. Basically got to play for free last night. Pocket J's were 1-2 last night. I saw the Pocket A's get taken down a couple of times. You just had to wait and hope you could take the pot with a good hand before the River card was dealt. The Players were all playing tight last night on both tables. I must say it was fun and enjoyable when players are playing like they should and not pushing hands that should not have been there. Tonight there is a live game going on and I can't sit in on it because I am on Call for work this weekend and I need to be near a computer that will allow me to get into the work computer when I get called. I like to play the home games when I can.

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