Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tuesday 12-13

Another day another dollar. Today was a better day at work. Then one of the fellow workers starts talking about the class she is going to in February that I want to take. That is a little frustrating. After talking with a friend I found out the 4 classes I need to take and then I will be a little more marketable for other things that may come along. I still have a year and a half that I want to stay in this job before I start looking elsewhere. I want to get the knowledge of the software I am working with and learn all I can from one of my fellow workers.

No Poker last night. Maybe tonight I will try another SNG and try to be patient with it.

I set up the Forex tonight as well. If I would have stayed with the EUR/USD I would have made over 250 pips. I got anxious and got out at 12 pips. What a difference. I need to be patient with it as well. I have everything set up and now I will wait for the market to turn the other way. There were 3 of the currencies that went over 200 pips and that would have been a nice addition to the bankroll. I decided to get rid of the alerts since that is part of the problem when I know I am in the market and should only watch it once to change the setups for my stops.

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