Thursday, December 15, 2005


When I looked at the Forex when I got up this morning I was up over 275 pips and so I set the Limit for 300 pips. I also set my stop real tight so that if it decided to move back I would not loose much. I still wanted to give it room to move just in case it bounced a little. When I checked it when I got home I had been stopped out and earned 215 pips. I also went in with USD/CAD and this evening it stopped out at -20 pips. I also was in on AUD/USD and earned 5 pips from that one. After looking at the Trend levels this evening I am in with AUD/USD and USD/CAD. I set the stops and now will be patient to see if these will move through the night.

I am in need of playing some poker. That will get me away from looking and watching the Forex. That 200 pips total today was real nice. I could use that on a weekly basis. That would make me happy.

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