Friday, December 23, 2005

Friday 12-23-05

Today I went shopping again and it was even worse than yesterday. Toooooo many people for me. Toooooo many cars on the road. At least people were being civil on the road.

No change in the Forex settings. Since the broker will be closed till Tuesday Morning I will not be doing any buying or selling till it starts up again Tuesday Morning. It will be another short week next week and then we get started in another new year. I am still watching the 75 MA and seeing if it might work with the setup I am using. I also use the daily chart.

I played two games of Poker tonight. The first one was a Shootout Tournament. 1858 people started and I went out first on our table. Not a pretty site. I played stupid. I knew I could do better. So I went back to the SNG and in that game I was down to 420 chips and looking at 6th place and finally started getting the cards I needed and I ended up in 2nd place. That does help the bankroll.

Poker +40

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